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About Us

Peak Moment Conversations: Locally Reliant Living for Challenging Times

An online television series featuring people creating resilient communities for a more sustainable, lower-energy future. Programs range from permaculture farms to electric bikes, ecovillages to car-sharing, emergency preparedness to careers for the coming times. As of May 2010, over 170 half-hour programs are available online.

Our programs have had over 1.5 million viewings on this site, on YouTube, Energy Bulletin, Blip TV, and up to fifty community-access TV stations nationwide. Programs are produced by Janaia Donaldson (producer and host) and Robin Mallgren (videographer and editor) of Yuba Gals Independent Media.

Peak Moment TV emerged out of our desire to find models among grassroots entrepreneurs working to create a sustainable future. From a start in our small-town Northern California community access TV studio in early 2006, we expanded our scope that summer by visiting over 20 West Coast communities and recording more than 140 half-hour Peak Moment conversations. In 2010 we plan to return to the Pacific Northwest to tape updates and new programs.

Peak Moment Specials

We also produce longer programs, including "Introduction to Permaculture", a comprehensive weekend course; the "Best of Peak Moment" series featuring collections on Backyard Gardens, Permaculture, and Local Business; "Peak Everything", a presentation by Richard Heinberg, and "A Renaissance of Local", a 3-day conference near Boulder, Colorado.

Behind the Scenes

We live in rural Nevada City. Our business is named for the nearby South Yuba River, a part of the Wild and Scenic river system in California. We live on 160 acres of forest land, in a 1500 square-foot off-grid home using about 10% of the electricity of the average American home (including home office). Our home is heated by a wood stove using deadfall wood from their property. Propane heats the cookstove, on-demand water heater and backup generator (needed only during extended gray-day periods in winter). Not yet energy independent, but moving in that direction!

Contact us:

Peak Moment Television
15504 Lone Bobcat Way, Nevada City, CA 95959
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