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Winter snows have given way to spring bursting forth at Lone Bobcat Woods, where we are priviliged to celebrate Earth Day every day. The birds are migrating back, and happy wildflowers are pushing up through the rained-blessed meadow grasses. Today we watched a first — a wild turkey taking a dust bath!

Green thumbs are sprouting, too! Janaia's mom Rowena (star of Growing Up in the First Great Depression) reports she has tomato plants blossoming already.

Our newest show The Straight Poop about Sustainable Farming (episode 211) is with innovative organic farmer Joel Salatin, who spoke at a nearby Local Food Summit. Read my notes from his evening presentation. Back in 2006, we were impressed by Joel's ethics and practices when we videotaped a full day of his presentations. As one of our viewers just commented, "Joel Salatin is a total rock star farmer. Thanks for yet another great interview."

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Spring blessings~

Janaia & Robyn

Peak Moment show Reviews


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Widening Circles

Join the Transition Challenge this May! Join thousands of people — register actions in your community on local food and gardens, conservation, insulation, resilience, rainwater harvesting and more.

Register your action on the Transition US map to help grow the movement, and see what others are doing. Ideas and more>>

Grow $500 worth of food in 500 days — join in the Home Harvest Farms Challenge even if you don't own an HHF planter. Sponsored by our Vancouver (B.C.) friend Philip Be'er whose business Home Harvest Farms supports food security by building long-lasting metal growing structures of all sizes.

This Saturday May 5 is Climate Impacts Day, a global day of action sponsored by 350.org to connect the dots between climate change and extreme weather. Find an event near you.

For Western Nevada County

The DVD with Peak Moment episodes 205-208 is in the Nevada County Library for your borrowing pleasure. If you live elsewhere, subscribe to Peak Moment TV for your local or college library, or community-access TV station.

A Local Investing Study Group has started in western Nevada County. It may become similar to LION, the Port Townsend (WA) group featured in Local Investing Made Easy (episode 201), which connects local businesses with local investors. Contact Sam Gitchel or David Franco.

Janaia's Journal


Local Soup for a Snowy Day — Living Wild. A friend just gave me Living Wild: Gardening, Cooking and Healing with Native Plants of the Sierra Nevada by local authors Alicia Funk and Karin Kaufman. There are tips on collecting and preserving local edible and medicinal plants (now I know how to get the wickedly sharp spines off of gooseberries)...


"We are no healthier than our soil. We are no more well than our food." Sustainable farming icon Joel Salatin is stirring crowds everywhere. Here's a rough transcript of his presentation in Chico, where we taped a conversation "The Straight Poop on Sustainable Farming" (episode 211).

Janaia's Journal of essays and pictures is about people we're taping, life on the road and reflections.

Latest programs and reviews

Growing Up in the First Great Depression

Janaia's mother Rowena grew up in a blue collar family during the 1930s. The kids helped their mom in her own pie delivery business while their dad did construction odd jobs. In this cash-only society, they lived on what they could pay for. She recalls losing her only pair of shoes and envying a school girl's daily peanut butter-and-jam sandwich. But she didn't feel deprived: people generously gave groceries and hand-me-down clothes. Kids entertained themselves with outdoor games, and later, from adventures emanating from the home-built radio. Her frugality, self-reliant attitude and do-it-yourself skills went on to enrich the family Janaia grew up in (episode 209).

Young Lawyers Lower the Bar to Sharing Economy

"Sharing really is going to save the world!" declares Janelle Orsi, author of The Sharing Solution, noting that it's fun, doesn't require special skills — and we can start now. She and Jennifer Kassan co-founded the Sustainable Economies Law Center to help people formalize collaborative structures like producer cooperatives, cohousing developments and tool lending libraries. They're working to reduce the hurdles to investing in locally-owned and locally-controlled enterprises. No wonder law students are excited to intern with them! (episode 210).

The Straight Poop on Sustainable Farming

Innovative farmer Joel Salatin says sustainable agriculture requires both perennials (like native grasses) and herbivores (like cattle) to build soil. Mimicking patterns from nature, this maverick Virginia farmer rotates cattle followed by chickens into short-term pasture enclosures, where their poop fertilizes the earth. His new book "Folks, This Ain't Normal is a critique of the industrial food system, and envisions a future where humans are participants in a regenerative, sustaining community of abundance (episode 211).

A Peak Moment Guest Says

"I now have a much deeper sense of the incredible service you are providing to the larger sustainability community, by giving all of our little organizations and initiatives a place to share our story with the world." — Skipper Fulvio Casali, Sail Power Reborn (episode 208)

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